The house is situated south to Costa Smeralda, more or less between the village of Dorgali and the harbour of Arbatax. The area is famous for the wild-life, the unspotted nature, the beautiful beaches (some of them you can reach just by walk or by boat, it might be you already know Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritzè, Cala Luna and so on).

From the village you can start a trip along the coast, 35 Km unhinabited with cliffs, little beaches, nice water or trips by walk toward the inner area, famous as well for the beautiful landscapes, climbing, bird-watching and foothills. Thank to these topics the area is getting known and a lot a magazines already wrote about it. In this area should be advisable to have a car or to rent one if you want to move around to visit particular spots.

The house is situated in OPEN COUNTRYSIDE, and is furnished without luxury: the attempt has been to keep the old style of the buildings, avoiding plastic and preferring natural materials as the wood.

Of course the spot has really a charming atmosphere...
In front of the house there is plenty of space, where you can have your meal, you can relax, you can enjoy the shadow below the veranda and the nature around, you can just loaf about...

We rent two accomodations: a big one (6/8 beds), and a smaller one (4 beds). All the bedrooms are equipped with private baths and air-conditioning.

The beach is 2000 meters far from the house. The accomodations are cosy and are equipped with everithing: washing machine, cutlery, pots, saucepans, dishes, iron etc.etc.